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Monas or National Monument is a 132-meter-high memorial monument built to commemorate Indonesia’s independence struggle in 1961 and opened to the public in 1975. The monument has a gold-plated fire tongue that symbolizes the blazing spirit of Indonesia’s.

Blok M Culinary Area

In addition to little Tokyo, enjoying culinary tourism in the Blok M area is also an activity that is a pity to miss. At night, visitors can enjoy a variety of traditional culinary delights that sell in the Blok M Square area. Hundreds of types of culinary can also be enjoyed while sitting at a table or chair or sitting in the area provided.

Little Tokyo

Located in the Blok M Square complex, The Little Tokyo is a nickname for the area because of the many restaurants and entertainment venues that are nuanced in the Japanese state. Every year the location of The Little Tokyo is often used as a place for Ennichisai’s Japanese culinary and cultural events

Istiqlal Mosque

Recorded as one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia, the Istiqlal Mosque has a giant dome, seven main entrances and twelve round columns that give a grand impression on this mosque. Built to commemorate Indonesian independence, this mosque was opened to the public on February 22, 1978 and can accommodate more than 120,000 worshipers.

Jakarta Cathedral

The Jakarta Cathedral Church has the official name of Santa Maria Protector Appointed to Heaven. This church has extraordinary neo-Gothic Catholic church architecture. Having three main towers, two of these towers have a height of 60 meters and are referred to as “Fortress of David” and “Tower of Ivory”, while one other magnificent tower with a height of 45 meters is referred to as “The Angelus Dei Tower”.

Fatahilah Museum

At first the 1,300 m² Fatahilah Museum functioned as the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East Indies company which was built in 1707. Having a collection of around 23,500 objects, the Fatahilah Museum has collection objects from the Dutch East Indies company, Betawi-style furniture, 16th century maps , replica of the Tugu Inscription and also a replica of the Padrao 1522 monument.

Surabaya Street

Located in the Menteng area of ​​Central Jakarta, the name Jalan Surabaya is already familiar to antique lovers. Here visitors can find a pile of items that have historical and high-value stories, ranging from antique telephones, various Chinese jars, VOC-era money, statues, ancient lights, small teapots and tall glasses from ancient times in ancient Java to be found here.